Carta a Carme Forcadell: “La por i l’odi empresona també als carcellers” #Mandela


A/A: M. Hble. Sra. Carme Forcadell / Centre Penitenciari Mas d’Enric / El Catllar

Benvolguda presidenta,

llegeixo a “Cent cites sobre la llibertat”, un petit volum que per gentilesa de la Fundació Irla m’arribà a casa fa un parell de setmanes, un aforisme atribuït a Nelson Mandela, l’icònic Premi Nobel de la pau i activista pels drets humans:

“Qui roba la llibertat a un altre, esdevé presoner del seu propi odi”.

Quanta, quanta veritat revelen aquestes lúcides paraules! M’han fet pensar en la irresponsable invectiva amb què, fa uns dies, l’ex-vicepresidenta del govern espanyol, Soraya Sáenz de Santamaria, volgué desacreditar l’independentisme català durant la campanya de les primàries del Partit Popular:

“A Catalunya es practica l’apartheid i no es deixa ni viure ni parlar en llibertat”.

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New Year inspirational wishes #Oct1st

The Heat: Catalonia pushes for independence from Spain


The Heat – China Global Television Network (CGTN)

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont is expected to address the regional parliament Tuesday, but it’s still unclear if he’ll declare independence. More than two million Catalans voted to break away from Spain in the October first referendum. But 57 percent of the voters stayed away from the polls. Madrid declared the vote unconstitutional.

Friday, the Spanish government apologized for the use of violence by police after nearly 900 people were injured at the polls. Thousands of people have since turned to the streets to rally for and against Catalonia’s independence.

To discuss Catalonia’s push for independence:

Isabel-Helena Marti, a member of the Catalan National Assembly in Barcelona.
Federiga Bindi, a senior fellow with Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.
Daniel Gascon, the editor of the Spanish magazine, “Letras Libres.”
Alberto Avendano, the Washington Bureau Chief for the National Association of Hispanic Publications.

Confiscated vote? Escalation over banned Catalonia referendum

The Debate – France 24

Authorities in Madrid have taken their standoff with Barcelona to a whole new level, raiding government offices, arresting Catalan cabinet members, confiscating 10 million ballot papers, all to thwart a banned October 1st independence referendum. It’s hard to see at this point how the vote can happen. Has Madrid won the battle but lost the PR war? We’ll question the reasons for a second attempt. And if Catalans really want independence, why has the reaction been so much stronger this time?


Eduard SALSAS – International lawyer, Squire Patton Boggs
Jean Marc SANCHEZ – Lawyer, Paris Bar, Franco-Hispanic Commission
Isabel-Helena MARTI – Member of Catalan National Assembly
Carles BOIX – Politics professor, Princeton University